Moose Visit Alaska Wild Berry Park, October 2009


Everyone knows the Wild Berry Park alongside our main store is a must-see for every Alaska tourist. But we were frankly shocked to see who dropped by one day last month. This full-grown cow moose and her calf jumped our fence and strolled through the park for an hour before wandering away.

Moose sightings are common in much of Alaska but here in urban Anchorage you're better off buying one of our stuffed moose toys if you want to see one. The live animals avoid the city like any wild animal does.


In case you're worried about safety, we closed the park when these two animals showed up. Our quick-thinking staff photographer Drew stayed far back while taking these photographs with a telephoto lens. Full-grown cows like this one can weight 800 pounds and have a very short temper. They're a real danger to people so we're glad they don't visit too often.


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