Alaska’s Largest Chocolate Bar


This is five and a quarter pounds (no kidding!) of our finest, freshest, solid gourmet chocolate made right here in our Alaskan candy kitchens. All you have to do is choose from velvety rich dark chocolate or lush milk chocolate.

Alaskan artist Michael Bannon was commissioned to design this wildlife montage just for Alaska Wild Berry Products. His artistic image is molded into each chocolate bar in intricate detail.

This massive chocolate bar will enchant the senses of smell, sight and taste, making it a marvelous gift. But please, don’t eat the whole bar at once!

Want to see us in action? Come to our store in Anchorage and watch us make magic in front of your eyes. Or watch our Candy Kitchen Slideshow.

Important notice about shipping in hot weather: Because chocolate can be damaged by hot weather, we can only ship it via Overnight Delivery with icepacks to any location outside of Alaska from April 20th through October 15th. We’re sorry that this increases the shipping costs but we really want your products to arrive at their best.

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